Tasting Room Info & Hours:

Schedule is subject to change, last updated on 11/25/2018.

Buffalo Rock Winery offers indoor wine tastings during the colder months, approximately October through mid-May, and outdoor wine tastings when Minnesota weather allows guests to enjoy the patio and courtyard space. Outside of select special events, wine is typically not served both inside and outside, just one or the other, so please dress accordingly for the weather. The outdoor tasting counter is covered. Arrive a ​minimum of 30 minutes prior to closing to enjoy a wine tasting.

Upcoming Hours:

Fall/Winter/Spring Hours

(one weekend per month + select special events)

Thursday, December 6: 12-4pm

Friday, December 7: 12-4pm

Saturday, December 8: 12-4pm
+ Buffalo Boards event, Dec. 8, 3-5pm
Sunday, December 9: 12-4pm

+ Holiday Floral Arrangement, Dec. 9, 3-5pm

Tentative Winter/Spring Dates

January 3, 4, 5 & 6: Times TBD

February 7, 8 & 9: Times TBD (closed 2/10)

March 7, 8, 9 & 10: Times TBD

April 4, 5, 6 & 7: Times TBD

Please note: Schedule is subject to change, please
call or check back prior to visiting. Groups of 6 or more guests, please call in advance to make reservations so your group, as well as other guests, can be best accommodated. Reservations are not required for groups of 5 or less. Expired third party vouchers (ex. Living Social/Groupon) will be honored for the value paid for up to five years from the purchase date, but will apply to regular prices only.​ MyTalk vouchers are subject to price adjustments.

Already know what you love, so no need to sample? 

In addition to regular tasting room hours, bottle sales are also

available by appointment outside of regular tasting room hours,

please call 763-682-9463 (WINE) to schedule a time or

send a message via www.Facebook.com/BuffaloRockWinery. 

Wine tastings are not available with this option.

​​​2018 Pricing Info (tax not included unless otherwise noted):

$7.28 Wine Tasting for up to five 1oz. samples ($8 with tax)
$6 Wine Tasting (with tax) by bringing in and using your own Buffalo Rock Winery logo glass!
$1.46  Additional Sampling Tokens ($1.60 with tax)
$4-$7 per 5 oz. Glass of Wine
$6.99 Logo Glass
$6.99 Logo Mug
Bottle prices vary.

General Policies:
1) All guests must park on the property, no street parking allowed per Township ordinance. 
2) No pets on the premises. 
3) No outside food or beverages allowed on the premises (even water bottles).
4) The entire property is tobacco/nicotine free (no eCigs nor chewing tobacco allowed either). 
5) Everyone must have valid ID, everyone gets carded!
6) Children must be supervised at ALL time and they must stay within the courtyard area.
7) No one under 21 is allowed at the tasting counters.
8) Buffalo Rock Winery reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
9) No climbing, hanging or sitting on the buffalo statue & only viewable during regular tasting room hours.
10) Vehicles may not be left behind if the owner/driver leaves the premises.
11) Buses with a capacity of 10+ riders must drop guests off at the top of the driveway, move the bus for the duration of the wine tasting and return to pick up guests.​