​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At Buffalo Rock Winery, all wines are produced & bottled onsite in very limited volumes.
BRW wines are only available direct-to-guests in the tasting room. The only exceptions are:
Cork & Cask at the Grande Depot, St. Cloud: Oximoron

Target, Otsego: Oximoron, Pakaz & Papa Mike's Rockin' Rose'
MGM, Spring Park: Oximoron, Rosemary's Rose', Call Me ... High Maintenance
Evelyn's Wine Bar, Buffalo: Oximoron & Berry Tango

Wine tastings are available and open to the public during regular tasting room hours, arrive a
minimum of 30 minutes prior to closing to enjoy a wine tasting (allow an hour or more for a
wine tasting and glass of wine). Guests must have valid ID, everyone gets carded!

Reservations are not required for guests with groups of 5 or less. Groups of six (6) or more 
must call in advance to schedule a visit so your group can be accommodated. Have an even
larger group? Private tastings for groups of 10-30 are available, outside of regular hours.
A deposit is required for private tastings a minimum of two weeks prior to the wine tasting.

Local cheese, meat and chocolate options as well as bottled water, pop and Gatorade are available to purchase onsite. No outside food or beverages allowed. Please leave your pets at home, they are not allowed. Also, smoking is not allowed anywhere on the property (inside
or outside). Remember, if you'd like to savor the flavors, don't forget your ID, everyone is subjected to being carded, whether you're 21 or 81!

Pricing Info (tax not included):
$7.28 Wine Tasting (up to five 1oz. samples - $8 with tax)
(New: Save $2, with tax, by bringing in and using your own Buffalo Rock Winery logo glass)
$1.46  Additional Sampling Tokens 

$4-$7.00 per 5 oz. Glass of Wine
$6.99 Logo Glass
$6.99 Logo Mug
Bottle prices vary.

Wine is available for on site consumption by the sample and by the glass. Bottle purchases,
to take home, in addition to regular tasting room hours and events, are also available by appointment.
All the wines served and available at Buffalo Rock Winery, are produced and bottles right on site! 

The current wine list is below. Tasting list varies by weekend. Due to the number of wine options, not all wines are available to taste at all times.
Wine List: All wines are produced and bottled onsite!
Pakaz (La Crescent) Sweet white with hints of pear.
Sweet Addilyn (Frontenac Gris) Refreshing with subtle hinds of apricot, peach, pear and apple, sweet.
Named after the owner/winemaker's daughter.
Blonde Bomber (Prairie Star) Semi-sweet white with caramel, melon and citrus notes. Release 8/2/18​
Hot MaMa (LaCrosse) semi-dry white, boosting a tangerine nose with sooth flavors of peach & citrus. Release 8/2/18 
'Sota Sun (LaCrosse) dry white, earthy nose with refreshingly crisp grapefruit flavor. Release 8/2/18
LaCreDa (La Crescent) Crisp, palate cleansing with citrus & mango and pear notes, dry. 

Berry Tango Cherry, Strawberry and other berries & fruits, sweet, but tart with citrus notes.
Great on its own, fabulous with ginger ale & fresh fruit added to create your own sangria or
delicious as a Frappe Vino (wine slushy, see photo)! Released: 4/24/2018
Blueberry Bold blueberry flavor with full mouth feel. Released: 6/30/2018
Cranberry the perfect balance of sweetness and crisp, tartness! 
Peg’s Apple (hard cider) Crisp & tart start w/smooth finish, semi-sweet. Variety of
100% MN grown apples. Refreshing as a frappe vino (see photo). TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT BY THE BOTTLE.

Papa Mike's Rockin' Rose' (Marquette) Semi-dry, smooth and very fruity with hints of currant and
mulberry. Named after the owner/vintner's dad. 
Rosemary's Rose' (Frontenac) Smooth and sweet with delicious cherry & raspberry flavors. In cobalt bottle.
Rosemary's Rose' (Frontenac) Crisp with delicious cherry & raspberry flavors, off-dry. Named after the owner/vintner's mom. In clear bottle.

Oximoron (MN St. Croix, King of the North & Valiant) Guest favorite since 2010! It's BRW's own oxymoron in a bottle, a sweet red!
Damage Control (MN St. Croix/MN King of the North) Similar to Oximoron, but semi sweet.
Marcus' Marq (NV Marquette) Dry, oaked with layers of flavors from spices to cherry. Named after the owner/winemaker's son. Released 6/24!
got the nac (NV Frontenac) Dry, oaked with tart cherry and smokey flavors.
Mayhem (NV MN Frontenac/Marquette) Dry, oaked with flavors of spice and dried fruit.
Call Me ... High Maintenance (NV Marquette, MN Frontenac & Malbec ) Dry, light oak with bold Blackberry upfront from the Malbec, lush flavors and mouth feel. Owner/winemaker's favorite!

Broken Heart Mender (2012 Frontenac Gris, 500mL heart-shaped bottle) sweet, bold apricot with lingering mouth feel and flavor, fortified.
Papa Steve's Contraband (2012 Marquette & Frontenac) Red port/dessert. Certified organic grapes, fortified with Christian Brothers Brandy. NO SULFITE ADDED! Named after the owner/winemaker's father-in-law.
Jeff's Shining Moon (2012 Frontenac, 500mL moon-shaped bottle) fortified, nose of licorice with sophisticated flavors of coffee, licorice and tobacco, semi-sweet. Named after the owner/winemaker's husband. Currently SOLD OUT, coming back by fall, 2018!

Wine list last updated: 8/4/2018

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